April 27, 2011

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I'm systematically moving my post over to....


December 02, 2010

A walk up the hollow.

Twenty four hours ago the creeks were roaring and everything was soaked. Now the woods are calm, quiet, and peaceful. The birds are gathering up for winter and the streams whisper their hushed drops as they drain the saturated land. In spite of the cold mushrooms of every variety are thriving on the damp moss and leaves. A good day to escape the business of life and enjoy the simple complexities of the natural world.
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November 11, 2010

Pinnacle Deer

Some white tailed deer that didn't mind sharing the woods.
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October 29, 2010

A few things I appreciate.

My Eastlands are my go to shoe. In the office, in the woods, and in town.

My Pioneer is my favorite pocket knife I've ever owned.
Cut rope...check...punch leather...check...open spaghetti cans....check...tighten screws....check

Bertucci makes great watches that far exceed their price range. I paired this one with a Jcrew canvas strap applied some Filson oil treatment and now it lives on my wrist.

My favorite navigation system. Made by Marble's outdoors.

The battery on this PDA never goes dead. A Parker Jotter paired with Field Notes is a perfect combo.

Billy Kirk card case. One month down and a couple hundred months to go.

One of a kind fixed blade made by Scott Summerville. Outside of chopping down trees it meets all of my backcountry cutting needs.

The G11.

I'm down to three personal keys plus my car key. I'd like to cut back some more.
In the words of Jack Johnson, "I've been losing lots of keys lately, I don't know what that means, but maybe I'd be better off with things that can be locked at all."

I carry most of these on a daily basis. The only exceptions being the second knife and the compass which are my wilderness companions.
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October 21, 2010

A day on the lake.

A day at Big Ridge State Park. A short hike out to the lake for some fishing and exploring. Fall in the mountains of the south makes for great times in the woods and on the shore.

Following the blue blazes.

Packing in our days supplies.

Getting ready to harass the fish.

Looking for freshwater oyster shells.

Ms. Bran

A fungus among us.

 The blue on its face practically lit up. 

Braving the mud to try for some smallmouth. 

Creel bag just in case I get something worth keeping.

My view for most of the morning.

Hooked a blue gill.

Catch and release.

Tenkara fly fishing is my favorite method nowadays.


Posing on the dam.

August 24, 2010

A stop by the station and walk down the street.

This gas station is kind of paradoxical for me. On one hand I'm glad that someone has put this much work into something just to show the history of a building. On the other I wish every gas station was like this one.

My girlfriend is good photographer.



This is a mushroom that has dried and split in the sun. It looked so much like a flower I didn't even realize what it really was until we inspected it pretty close.

All and all a good Monday evening.

August 10, 2010

Summer Wedding

Two amazing people recently tied the knot. Here are a few pictures from the ceremony and reception.

Congratulations Sean and Renee!